Dry Heel Eliminator 4oz

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BEST FOOT RELIEF FOR HARD WORKING FEET: Are you tired of dry, rough, and cracked skin? ProLinc Dry Heel Eliminator is the secret in keeping your heels and feet soft, smooth and crack-free. This lotion will keep your feet moisturized throughout the day. Absorbs into skin instantly and does not feel greasy. Use formula daily and say goodbye to cracked, horrible looking heels. Your feet have never been better! NO MORE EMBARRASSING FEET: Fond of wearing sandals or open toe shoes, but you feel too embarrassed because of glaring dry heels? Get softer skin that feels moisturized with ProLinc Dry Heel Eliminator! Put a thin coat of this cream every day, then dress up and you're good to go! Simple and easy. Your feet will feel brand new! MOISTURIZE AND REPAIR SKIN: It's heel magic in a bottle! This vitamin and nutrient-rich formula penetrates deeply, delivering advanced moisturizing and healing agents to the skin. It also helps replenish and maintain skin's natural moisture balance. Use on dry, callus prone skin and to extend callus eliminator treatment results between services. Combines the benefits of Vitamin A, C and E, Aloe Vera, Green Tea, Urea, and Bladderwrack that smoothes, soothes and nourishes skin to achieve baby-like, soft skin. SPA QUALITY RESULTS: Having salon quality feet is within your reach! A pea-sized amount of ProLinc Dry Heel Eliminator cream is all you need to give your feet a salon-like pedicure.